Extra Curricular Clubs / Enrichment

School does not finish on the last bell!

For many years Prestwich Arts College has received an “Outstanding” category for the provision of enrichment for students.

Our enrichment opportunities are many and varied.

Breakfast Club is a quiet area open to students for them to undertake private study. Breakfast may also be purchased.

Gateway is our combined library and resource centre, with books, references, and computers for students to use. Every lunchtime students can be found undertaking independent study and research, as well as those who just want to read! It is staffed by teachers, associate staff and students. The school shop is also open in the Gateway at lunchtime.

Study Studio is located in the Gateway & R5, and is available free of charge most afternoons. It is staffed by teachers and associate staff to aid students'' work.

There are many opportunities for students to engage in sporting activities, and we encourage them to do so in support of our health & fitness programmes.

There are many subject support opportunities where students can drop in for assistance with homework, classwork, examination work and revision, preparation for examinations and sometimes just to spend more time at their studies. These are particularly well attending immediately prior to examinations being taken.

And there are other activities which still have educational value, but not necessarily exam related, such as our newspaper group and film club.

Enrichment opportunities are open to all, but designed in some cases for certain groups.

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