Drug and alcohol use

If you are concerned that your child may be involved in taking or using drugs, please read the government guidance about this and about the school’s role in supporting you and your child.


There is support available for your child locally.  Early Break provide a free and confidential service to young people and their families around issues related to drugs and alcohol.  You can contact the service directly for advice.  Your child can also refer themselves.  Alternatively, please contact the school and we can make a referral on your behalf. 

Early Break Bury Office

Annara House
7-11 Bury Road
M26 2UG

Tel: 0161 723 3880

School will always make a referral to Early Break if we become aware that a young person has been involved with using drugs or alcohol.

There are also a range of websites that you can visit for further information and advice:





If you are concerned that your child may be involved with drugs, it may be useful to discover more about the legality of what they are using or in possession of.  This article gives helpful information around this topic.