School Uniform

Compulsory School Uniform

Please check the School Prospectus for additional guidance on our uniform.  If parents are in any doubt about any aspect of this, they are strongly advised to consult the school before making a purchase or taking any action.

During term time, ties and blazer house badges may be purchased from the school office, from 8.30am until 3.30pm.  There is also the opportunity to purchase these items at our 'New Intake Evening', which is held in July, for our September new starters.  Please note that the only accepted method of payment is cash.

Both the PE shorts and the PE unisex sports polo (both shown below) must be purchased from Price and Buckland, their website for orders is  This internet address will give you access to their online shop, you simply need to register your details with them and then you can start shopping.  For a small delivery charge (£3.95), orders can be delivered to either your home or work address, however there is also a further delivery option for you and that is to request a delivery to school, which would be free of any delivery fees.  Any order sent to school, will be delivered on either the 2nd or 4th Monday of every month (the cut off for these Mondays is 10 working days before), parents will then be able to collect from school from 8.30am to 3.30pm, from the day after delivery and onwards.

Other items of school uniform are also available to purchase from Price & Buckland, however they can also be bought elsewhere, it is only the PE shorts and unisex sports polo which must be purchased from them and the tie and house badge which must be bought from school. 

Please see details of our full uniform requirements and where items can be purchased by clicking the link below, the price / sizing chart is for the items which can be purchased from us and Price and Buckland.

Uniform Guidance and Outlets