History aims are realised through Schemes of Work (SoW) produced by each Assistant Head of Faculty in accordance with the School's aims and, in the case of Geography and History, with reference to the statutory orders of the National Curriculum. At present, from Years 7 to 9, syllabuses are internally produced; the R.E. syllabus in years 7-8 being in line with the aim of the Agreed Syllabus adopted by Bury. For Years 10 and 11, all Subjects follow GCSE courses.

Courses Offered


The delivery of the curriculum in Years 7 and 8 is through mixed ability forms, whilst in Year 9 through Year 11, the grouping are essentially mixed ability, depending on the take-up after options.

HALF Term 4

Year 8 The English Revolution 18_19
Year 9 Rise of the Dictators 18_19
SOL overview sheet - Yr 11 19 and 20th Century updateSOL overview sheet - Yr 11P and P Medieval_Early modern 

Term 2


Year 10 History summer term Conflict & Tension homework menu

Year 10 History Autumn term One Roaring 20's Scheme of Learning

Year 10 History Autumn term One Roaring 20's Homework Menu

Year 11 History Autumn term One Elizabeth and her Court Scheme of Learning

Year 11 History Autumn term One Elizabeth and her Court Homework Menu


  • Prior to exam time, after school revision classes take place, and it is essential that pupils attend.
  • Textbooks are always available on loan for pupils to take home for further study, or to assist with homework tasks.
  • We always try to organise visits and trips for pupils which reflect and enrich our subject areas

Three things you can do to help your child

  • Take them to some of the wonderful museums, places of worship, and landscapes we have here in the North West of England
  • Encourage them to watch news programmes regularly; it helps massively with our subject areas. It will reinforce a depth of understanding and an appreciation of how learning is connected to the ‘real world’
  • TV- As long as it’s the History Channel, or National Geographic for example!
  • Reading – either generally or in specific historical, religious or geographical contexts.