Forthcoming Events at Prestwich Arts College

Forthcoming Events at Prestwich Arts College

Prestwich Arts College's 80th birthday celebration

The Bury Times have an article about the new stained glass window the school has comminsioned as part of our 80th birthday celebrations. Here is an excerpt:

' As part of headteacher Chris Hornby’s plan to create an Arts Trail at the school, Recclesia produced several designs.

Mr Hornby said: “Ultimately, we agreed a stunning design which incorporates a tree, each branch of which represents our three houses in their respective colours. At its base is a book which depicts our focus on the importance of learning.

“I am immensely grateful to the team at Recclesia who have very generously donated this lovely artwork to the school.

“It is not only a tangible reminder of the enduring quality of this great school but now forms a part of our growing Arts Trail.” '

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