Examinations Results

A school that shows consistent and increasing improvement

Due to the complex changes in Assessment in 2017 including; some subjects now being graded from a letter to a number, changes in the values of the grades, new measures introduced by the government and new methods to calculate progress, this year’s result are not comparable to previous year’s results.  The new headline results will be published here once the data is received from the DfE.  However Prestwich Arts College would like to congratulate our pupils on all their hard work and wish them all success in the future.  We would like to share some remarkable examples of students whose hard work and effort has produced amazing results, most of these pupils achieved a string of A* and A grades showing their world class potential.

Students who achieved the highest results

Students who made the most progress

Jasmin Kour

Adam Bouster

Elisa Kurtula

Jasmin Kour

Bismah Mateen

Muhammad Pathan

Muhammad Pathan

Sara Salim

Andrew Zhou

Erik Virag

Hunaina Waheed

Several subjects achieved excellent A/A* pass rates, including:

  • 67% in Chemistry
  • 58% in Physics
  • 46% in Biology
  • 18% in Art

Key Stage 4 Results 2017 - Un-validated



English Grade 4+ (Standard Pass)


English Grade 5+ (Strong Pass)


Maths Grade 4+ (Standard Pass)


Maths Grade 5+ (Strong Pass)


English & Maths 4+


English & Maths 5+


Attainment 8


Progress 8


Achieved Ebacc (5+)


School performance figures are available via the DfE at: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/105362