Pride of Prestwich

Realising Greatness

Students can be nominated to receive a Pride of Prestwich Award by any member of staff.  This can be for doing excellent work, great homework, being a good ambassador for the school and so on.  The deserving student is given a postcard, which has been written by a member of staff and to which Miss Evans (Head Teacher) has also added her comment.  Then, along with the postcard, each students is also invited to attend an afternoon tea with Miss Evans, as their reward.  These reward events are held once every half term and a badge is also presented to each student, which can be pinned to their blazer.

During the 2017 to 2018 academic year, we awarded 302 Pride of Prestwich Awards to 216 students.

This year, to recognise those students who receive multiple Pride of Prestwich Awards, we have also introduced bronze, silver and gold badges.  So if a student receives 5 postcards during the academic year, they will be given a bronze badge, for 10 postcards, they will get a silver badge and for 15 postcards, which is a remarkable achievement, a prestigious gold badge will be awarded.