All our students can make the right choice with positive parental support

Download School Expectations 20.12.17

Dear Parent / Carer 

I am writing to you to celebrate those pupils “doing it right” at Prestwich Arts College and to clarify how all our students can make the right choice with positive parental support.  The majority of our pupils make the right choice every day, bringing their equipment and wearing uniform and making the best of effort at every opportunity.  It is always a pleasure to see these students and their families in school as they enrich Prestwich Arts College and give us all reasons to be proud of their achievements.  It was a pleasure to be in the house assemblies and the Pride of Prestwich cupcake celebration to see those pupils highlighted for 100% attendance and positive attitude to learning.

I wish to take this opportunity to outline the basic expectations that all pupils should follow at Prestwich Arts College, if these expectations are adhered to pupils and staff can focus on our core business of learning and teaching.


  • A school tie
  • School blazer
  • Black school trousers, these are not to be jeans, leggings or jeggings
  • Plain black school shoes that can be polished, these are not to be trainers, boots or pumps
  • No piercings other than one small stud per ear, no stretchers
  • Hijab must be plain black
  • No dyed hair
  • No lines or patterns shaved into hair or eyebrows

Punctuality and attendance 

School starts at 8:30am and all pupils must be in school at this time or will be recorded as a late arrival.  If a pupil arrives after 8.30 they will need to stay behind for ten minutes that afternoon with their lesson 5 teacher.  Any pupil arriving late to a lesson will also be expected to remain behind for 10 minutes that day. Pupils who arrive after 8.45 will receive a school conversation on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Repeated late arrival will result in a leadership conversation on a Friday after school and eventually isolation.  Please continue to ensure that all pupils leave home with enough time to be in school for 8.30am. 

Our attendance is improving but there is work still to be done.  We expect every pupil will achieve or exceed 98% attendance, a target that when reached will be celebrated and ensure entry to prize draws.  If pupils miss educational opportunities their progress is hindered both academically and socially.  Please encourage your child to attend school; if they have a minor illness please send them in as every day counts.

Please do not book holidays during term time, whilst we understand the financial incentive to do so it disrupts the learning and progress of pupils.

We work with Bury authority and impose fixed penalty notices starting at £60 per parent per child for unauthorised holidays.


We have devised a simple behaviour model to ensure that pupils make the right decision throughout the day.  Pupils are expected to;

  • Be on time to all lessons
  • Have the necessary equipment to engage with learning
  • Complete work set
  • Behave in a polite and respectful manner

If a pupil does not engage in learning they will be reminded that they should make the right choice.  If they continue to fail to make the right choice pupils will receive a ten minute behaviour conversation, further failure in the classroom will result in removal to another classroom and a thirty minute conversation after school Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Any pupil refusing to complete a room move will spend the remainder of the day and another full day completing work in isolation.

Isolation runs from lesson 1 to 3:30pm.  If any pupil disrupts in isolation or fails to complete the work set they will be excluded and will complete the isolation the next available day.  Whilst in isolation pupils will complete work and have the opportunity and support to reflect on their behaviour choices.

We take great pride in our school and our team works hard to maintain the site.  Any pupil caught littering will receive a leadership conversation on Friday after school.

Prestwich Arts College sets out a clear model for sanction where pupils make the wrong choice.  These are shared with all pupils and are part of our behaviour policy and our exclusions policy. We do not expect our pupils to make these wrong choices and support them in making a better and informed choice next time.

In all of these areas we appreciate your support in providing the best opportunity for your child at Prestwich Arts College.  Those pupils who know that school and home are working together to achieve the best are the ones who respond positively and make the best progress. 

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind at Prestwich Arts College. Homophobic, racist and other verbal abuse will be sanctioned and where necessary will be reported to the police.  Where bullying is reported, we will work to ensure that there is no recurrence; we would ask all families to contact school when any such issue is identified.

We wish to communicate with you effectively regarding any sanctions at Prestwich Arts College.  The most efficient way for us to communicate is via Parentmail and we urge you to sign up to use this and engage with us in securing outstanding behaviour.

More importantly for the majority of our pupils we are also developing our rewards model to identify and celebrate those who make us proud each day.  Any pupil with a “clean slate” for a week will receive five achievement points; pupils can also earn two achievement points each lesson.  These points are the way to access rewards and recognition. We will message via Parent Mail when pupils reach point thresholds, pupils will be entered into prize draws in which more points translate to more entries.  Pupils who achieve point thresholds will receive a commendation letter from the Chair of Governors, invites to awards events and recognition from senior staff.

I would like to ask for any support that can be offered to extend our reward model.  We are looking for sponsorship from local businesses, donations of vouchers or discounts to share with our pupils as a recognition of their great work, attendance and attitude.

Yours sincerely
Miss R Evans
Head Teacher