PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education). The courses we offer are relevant and respond to the needs of employers, to ensure our young people achieve success in the world of work. Our courses are delivered by subject-specialists who have high expectations and a rigorous approach.



PSHE is part of the Personal Development Faculty which brings together a number of  related curriculum areas and enables a cohesive delivery of cross curricular areas.  Our aim is to develop the ‘whole child’ and our visionary approach enables us to develop  pupil's confidence and self‐esteem, as well as equipping them with the skills needed to live a  full& happy life, both in and beyond school.  

Grade Descriptors Citizenship

 Citizenship Programme of Study Year 7

Citizenship programme of study Year 8

Citizenship Programme of Study Year 9




We empower our young people to become 'change‐makers' and encourage them to bring  about positive change in their school and communities. Having learned about the mechanics  of campaigning and how to tackle issues in an appropriate way, all pupils plan and deliver an  active citizenship project in which they put their campaign planning into action. This can be  a local issue at school or in their community. It could also be a national or global campaign. Pupils also have the opportunity to get involved in the following enrichment events:‐ Gender stereotyping day, the school Allotments and School Council. Takeover Bury Council  Day, Democracy Days Visits to the Houses of Parliament and the Law Courts plus the Circles  of Influence Conferences.  MP Digital Surgeries plus Work Experience in lawyer firms and  local parliamentary offices is also available.  

Three things you can do to help your child


  • Encourage involvement in our enrichment programme.  
  • Read and/or watch the news with a critical eye ‐ be aware of editorial bias. 
  • Share any concerns you have about your child's personal wellbeing with us, through  the school pastoral system or directly to your child's PSHEE Teacher.