Modern Languages

The Modern Languages faculty is a lively team that has a real passion for sharing our love of languages with all our  students from Years 7 – 11! All students learn French in Years 7‐9.  They study Spanish in Years 8 and 9.  Students will  then continue with their choice of one of these languages to GCSE level during Key Stage 4. No matter what career  path our students plan to follow, speaking a second language will give them a real advantage, not to mention a  valuable insight into other cultures.  

Courses Offered


  • French GCSE Pearson Edexcel
  • Spanish GCSE Pearson Edexcel

We also offer the opportunity to be entered for additional GCSEs in community languages for our EAL students that  speak another language in their home environment. Languages offered include: Chinese, Polish, Urdu, Arabic,  Portuguese and Italian.  Please note that lessons will not be taught in these languages and only pupils who can  demonstrate an advanced to ability to communicate both orally and in writing can be entered.  

French KS3 Grade Descriptors
Spanish KS3 Grade Descriptors
Year 7 French POS
Year 8 French POS
Year 8 Spanish POS
Year 9 French POS
Year 9 Spanish POS
Modern Languages KS4 Curriculum




  • Year 7 Spelling Bee
  • Polyglots Club
  • Speaking Success Club (KS4 only)  
  • Links with MMU Routes into Language programme  
  • Visits to HOME cinema to see ML films
  • Urdu Club
  • Community Language Club

The Gateway Suite offers a variety of Mary Glasgow publications to support the independent learning of our Year 10  and 11 students.  The Modern Languages faculty recognise that on‐line learning can play a valuable role in our students’ progress. We  subscribe to a number of Modern Language learning websites that pupils can access both in and out of school to  supplement their learning in class time. These involve lots of vocabulary games and are fun to use whilst developing  your child’s confidence in French and Spanish.  



Three things you can do to help your child


  • Test their vocabulary within relevant topic areas! 
  • Have a cultural day – eat tapas and drink chocolat chaud! Encourage your child to embrace the culture of the country whose language they are learning! 
  • Learn with them and encourage younger siblings to do the same – it is never too late to learn a foreign language!