The faculty is made up of 6 passionate mathematicians, including two GCSE examiners. We  aim to offer a diverse learning environment in which all students can excel whilst  maintaining a focus on the practical, "real life" aspects of the subject. Mathematics is an  essential subject both for the future workplace and college applications, and at Prestwich,  students are given all the skills they need to follow their chosen path. 

At PAC we hit the ground running in mathematics!

We assess our new  Year 7 students to find out exactly which topics they already understand and which one they need to work on to make progress.  

At Prestwich Arts College we maintain a rigorous  focus on ensuring that all students make progress, right from day 1 of Year 7.  

In  Mathematics, no one treads water at PAC!!! 

Our focus on making progress continues throughout Key Stage 3.

Courses Offered

KS3 follows a three year course aimed at providing the skills needed to excel at GCSE. 

This  covers: Numbers and the Number System; Algebra; Geometry and Measures; Handling Data and Probability. 

Years 10 and 11 follow the Edexcel GCSE course over 2 tiers. 

GCSE  Mathematics is assessed entirely by three terminal examinations of 90 minutes each.  Paper  1 is non‐calculator, the other two are calculator allowed. 

Maths Grade Descriptors

Maths KS3 Programme of Study