Throughout Key stage 3 all pupils develop their knowledge of a range of practical skills such as knife skills, pastry making, sauces and pasta making. They also research and investigate into healthy eating, and the nutritional benefits of foods, manufacturing processes and product development. Practical research is used to support theory based work . All pupils produce two leveled projects within year 7 and 8 which focus on four main areas; research, design, make and evaluate.



Introduction: The Food and Textiles department is a consistently high achieving department; this can be demonstrated by continuously achieving exam passes higher than the nation average for the past 5 years. 

Within the department we study textiles technology and food preparation and nutrition at KS3 on a rotation with resistant materials, electronics, graphics and product design. At KS4 pupils have the opportunity to opt for a G.C.S.E in both Art Textiles or Food nutrition and preparation. 




AQA Art Textiles 
AQA Food nutrition and preparation 

Year 7

Within Year 7 pupils are firstly introduced to food safety, hygiene and knife skills. This is followed by a levelled project which focuses on designing and making a new hot bread snack. This includes investigating into multicultural breads, taste testing and product development. Subject knowledge is further developed by looking at equipment and their practical uses and this is fulfilled though practical work of making apple meringue, fruit crumbles and looking at product development. The final levelled project completed with Food Technology looks at Italian food and pasta making. All pupils make fresh pasta, fresh pasta sauces, and a pasta dish designed by themselves, as well as producing a power point presentation based on their research and design ideas 

Year 8

During Year 8 the main focus is on Healthy Eating and the nutritional benefits of food. Healthy eating guidelines, 5 a day and the eat well plate are researched in detail. This subject knowledge forms the background for the first levelled project in which pupils design and make a Healthy meal that could be sold within the school canteen, as well as producing a healthy eating leaflet that educates other children and teenagers on the benefits of a balanced diet. The other levelled project within Year 8 looks at pastry making. Pupils investigate into existing products, a range of pastry’s, multicultural products and different fats and flours. This project concludes with the design and make of a savoury pastry of their own 

Year 9

During year 9 pupils begin the first year of GCSE Food Technology where they look at bread making, cake making and multicultural food. During Year 10 there is a larger focus on food science and the properties of food and its nutritional profile. Pupils look into fats, sugars, practical skills, environmental and sustainable issues and dietary needs. A practice controlled assessment is also completed. In the final GCSE Year pupils completed their GCSE Food controlled assessment which is worth 60% of their final grade and sit an examination which makes up the remaining 40% of their grade

 Food and Nutrition Grade Descriptors

Year 7 Food and Nutrition

Year 7 Food summer term scheme of learning

Year 7 Food summer term homework menu

Year 8 Food and Nutrition POS

Year 8 Food summer term scheme of learningYear 8 Food summer term homework menu

Year 9 Food and Nutrition POS

Year 9 Food summer term scheme of learningYear 9 Food summer term homework menu
Food Technology KS4 Curriculum

 Year 10 Food ProvenanceYear 10 Food Provenance Homework sheet



KS3 intervention  
KS4 intervention  
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Lunchtime clubs 
Opportunities to attend exhibitions, work collaboratively with local businesses and trips abroad.  



Three things you can do to help your child


  • Ensure they are well organised with the correct ingredients and materials for all practical  lessons.  
  • Encourage pupils to take pride in the presentation and completion of all homework.  
  • Encourage pupils to take an active interest of the subject within school and at home.