The English Faculty is committed to maximising the development of every student. Our study of  English is very much predicated on the development of creativity, cultural understanding and critical  interpretation.  Not only do we seek to ensure that all students achieve in their study of both English  Language and Literature but also that these rich and diverse subjects provide students with a good  range of life skills.  Whilst both Language and Literature are used to develop our students' skills in  reading, writing, speaking and listening, our study of literary, non‐fiction and multi‐modal texts  encourages students to develop a comprehensive and balanced understanding of our global society.  It is important to us that we achieve the right balance between creativity and the functional literacy  skills required to succeed in the world of work. We aim to develop independent learners who will  continue to gain in confidence with both spoken and written communication throughout their lives.  

Courses Available: 


  • AQA Step up to English – an entry level qualification for students unable to access the GCSE  English Language course.  
  • AQA GCSE English Language (8700).
  • AQA GCSE English Literature (8702). 
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  • We believe that opportunities for enrichment are vital if students are to realise their potential.   Enrichment in English is essentially threefold in nature:  External Enrichment.  This includes trips to places such as the theatre, museums and libraries.  It  often provides the opportunity for students to take part in workshops or competitions.  Some  students have even seen their work appear in print.    Internal Enrichment for Personal Development.  This includes a range of clubs and groups run by a  dedicated team of specialists.  Students might attend Book Worm, for example ‐ our weekly reading  club; they may prefer Film Club, or wish to practise their debating and public speaking skills.  At  designated points in the year we invite professional actors, poets or other performers to work with  students in our purpose‐built theatre.  Internal Enrichment for Attainment.  Our dedicated team provides a range of revision and booster  classes for both Language and Literature as part of our exam preparation.  

Three things you can do to help your child


  • Encourage your child to read at home; read with them and discuss what they are reading.   Take an active role in helping them to choose a book and always ensure they have any  appropriate revision guides or exam texts.  Extend this collaborative approach to trips to the  cinema or the theatre.  
  • Read and discuss the newspaper with them to gain an understanding of the wider world and  the conventions and structure of non‐fiction texts.  
  • Encourage your child to use BBC Bitesize to practise English skills and ensure they attend  revision classes at key points in the year. 

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