The school has a proud tradition over many years of excellence in the Arts. The Drama department has 3 multipurpose studios and a state of the art Theatre. Students follow a diverse curriculum at KS3 and are able to further develop their talents through extra curricular activities.

Qualifications available



Drama Grade Descriptors
Year 7 Drama POS
Year 8 Drama POS
Year 9 Drama POS
Drama KS4 Curriculum




Each year we run Arts initiatives within the local area varying from public performances, arts visits to homes for the elderly, access to our facilities at subsidised letting rates, primary school workshops, an annual school production and talent show, plus a number of activities. There are at least ten school trips each year.

We are an "outward looking school" giving back to our local community.

There are also the following clubs on offer:

Dance Club

Musical Theatre Club

Theatre Company


Three things you can do to help your child


  • Ask your child about their learning in school and about the opportunities available.

  • Improve your child’s cultural experiences by encouraging them to see live theatre performances.

  • Encourage your child to become a member of a theatre/drama group out of school as well as in school.