School Uniform


Compulsory School Uniform

* These Items can be purchased anywhere
~  This may be purchased from school
• • These items must be purchased from school

Black Blazer * (standard school design) with School House Badge • •

Pale blue school shirt * (either long or short sleeve is suitable)

Clip-on School Tie • •

Black Trousers * (standard school design, tailored with pockets)

Black Skirt *Girls option (no more than 5cm above knee / no pencil skirts)

Black ‘V-Neck’ Jumper ~* - Optional (also available with embroidered logo from school)

Black Scarf ~* - Optional (also available in school colours from school)

Plain Socks * must be white, grey, navy or black (no patterns or
bright colours)

Plain Black Tights * - Girls Option (no patterns)

Black Leather Shoes * must be flat heeled and all black leather (without any piping or banding and with standard black soles)

No other items of clothing (e.g. fashion accessories) to be worn.

Plain Black Outdoor Waterproof Coat * with no obvious (over-sized) or offensive logos

The following are NOT allowed:

  •  trainers, trainer ‘look-alikes', canvas pumps/plimsolls
  •  leather jackets
  •  cardigans, hooded / tracksuit tops or sweatshirts
  •  coloured scarves (unless lack or bought from the school - see above)
  •  any item of denim or denim look-alike.
  •  jewellery except small sleepers or studs (one in each ear).
  •  extremes of fashion, including hairstyles (e.g. non natural colours or highlights, shaven heads (no less than a no 2), patterns or layering)
  • make-up, fake tan, acrylic nails or nail varnish. NO make-up should be brought into school.



Grey T Shirt • •

Navy PE Sweat Shirt • •  

Navy Shorts • •  

Plain Navy Track Bottoms (Optional) *
(No piping or logos)
Plain Black Legging
(Optional) *
(No piping or logos)

White Sports Socks *

Trainers *

Towel for Showers *

Navy PE Polo Shirt • •

Navy Rugby Shirt • •

Navy Shorts • •

Long Navy Football Socks *

Plain Navy Track Bottoms (Optional) *

White Sports Socks *

Football Boots *

Trainers *

Towel for showers *

Please check the School Prospectus for additional guidance on our uniform. If parents are in any doubt about any aspect of this, they are strongly advised to consult the school before making a purchase or taking any action.





Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday, 1st September 2016 from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase ties and blazer house badges at our 'New Intake Evening' on Tuesday, 5th July 2016.

During term time, uniform may also be purchased from the school office, from 8.30am until 3.30pm.