Student Council

These are your school council representatives for 2015-2016:

Head Boy:      Head Girl:
Thomas Bladen   Shannon Heryng

 Dept Head Boy:    Dept Head Girl:
Daniel Fogarty   Isobel Cunliffe

Student Voice:    Student Voice:
Jess Thompson   Saeed Ahmad

Delaney -

Heads of House -

Ebony MacDonald  Katie McGowan

Leah Gibaut – D4

Riana Zogijani – D2

Olivia Mellors – D12

Harkrishan Singh – D1

Lucy Loftus – D8

Shannon Threlfal – D12

Halle -

Heads of House -

Mathew Bagshaw      Nawal Mahdi

Noman Akhtar – H1

Georgina Percy – H4

Madison Lenihan-Parker – H8

Rohail Umair – H8

Stephanie Goodall – H1

Emma Hoppley - H3

Eman Rashid – H2

Sophie Strong – H3


Lowry -

Heads of House -

Ali Bukhari    Malaika Khan

Ismail Ali – L4

Josh Harcup – L4

Emily Tierney – L3

Rabia Riaz – L4

Hanan Abonijim – L4

Teigan Caldwell – L4

Sara Sikora – L6

Dylan Driscoll - L3

Christopher Jackson - L3



The school council acts on behalf of all students. If you want to send a message to your school council you can use this email address:

This could be requests, something you want to improve at school, things you would like school council to discuss, something you want to let us know about. It could also be comments on matters that we have discussed.



What are we doing?


These are the things that you school council are doing at the moment:

  • Analysing the school canteen questionnaire results and preparing a report to the school governors
  • Organising an anti-litter campaign
  • Organising a road safety campaign
  • Supporting Anti Bullying Week
  • Rethinking the role of prefects on duty
  • Considering the prioritisation of yr 11 access to computers at lunchtime


What would you like us to do? Email us your ideas!

We also share information with you about students views.