Parents who wish to explore specific advice and guidance on how best to ensure that their children are safeguarded on  the internet may wish to click on the recommended links below.

For general advice for parents about the digital world including e-safety Vodaphone publishes lots of useful information:

Vodaphone Digital magazine

Any parents who have concerns about e-safety including cyberbullying, inappropriate use of the Internet, misuse of mobile phones, and privacy can find useful guidance on the following sites:

e-safety parental advice

General parent advice on digital issues

Students who have a concern should speak to their House manager.  However, students can also use the following link for advice about e-safety, cyberbullying, misuse of the Internet or mobile phones, misuse of social media sites (eg facebook):

Student advice centre

The school policy above on Student digital usage contains much guidance.  The e-safety code of conduct for students is on page 20 of the Personal Organiser.


For information on College, Apprenticeships, Part Time Vacancies and Activities for young people, please click on the following link -