External Agencies


To speak to someone from of these agencies please see Mrs S Walsh in the pupil support centre within school.



Prestwich Arts College provide access to the Relateen counselling service in school. This service can give help to any pupil who is feeling of angry, sad, guilty or helpless. This help can be talking to a qualified counsellor. These sessions' help pupils to understand what they are going through. Problems can be happening now or have happened some time ago.



Early Break

Early Break is a service working with young people under the age of nineteen who are having problems with drug and alcohol abuse. Help is given to students who wish to talk about the problems they are having. This help can be one to one counselling and/or family support. This allows pupils to make the right decisions and become responsible for the decisions that they make.



Young Carers.

Students who give care to a member of their family who has a physical disability or illness, mental health or issues with drugs or alcohol can get help from a young carer's organisation. Support is usually offered both in and outside of school to give young people support, access to activities and training giving them the same chances in life as other pupils.





Connexions work with young people aged between 14 and 19 within school to help pupils with learning. Pupils can be referred to a Personal Advisor who will help them to make choices about their future by looking at college courses training opportunities and personal problems which may be affecting study or progress. Support, guidance and advice also include:

•  Choosing a Career

•  Education

•  Health

•  Employment

•  Relationships with other students

•  Training

•  Drug and alcohol issues