Autumn Term 2014


Aladdin School Show


This year our school production was the pantomime Aladdin. The show took place on Tuesday 17th/ Wednesday 18th/ Thursday 19th December 2013 at 7pm. The show was performed in The Paragon, our theatre.

Aladdin is the story of a young street urchin who comes into possession of a magic lamp and falls in love with a princess whilst fighting off the villain Abanazar. Here are a selection of photos from the show.



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The Head Teacher's Christmas Newsletter


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September Newsletter

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Results Day 2013


Our school not only was the most improved school in Bury last year but has smashed all previous records this summer to deliver the school’s best ever overall GCSE results.  Nearly 90% of all pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades with an outstanding result of a 100% of all girls achieving this figure.

Excellent results like these reflect sustained and measured progress over a number of years across all areas within the school.  They are a tribute to the dedication and hard work of both staff and students across the whole curriculum and are thoroughly deserved.  The school remains ambitious and eager for more. These results are a further indicator of the standards we expect from ourselves as educators and the students in partnership as a learning community.

It was so significant that Year 11 indicated in their ‘exit questionnaire’ that they valued very highly the supportive relationship they had with their teachers. I also believe that they are a reflection of the extensive intervention programme we have put in place and our personalised approach to learning.  The school is committed not just to securing academic excellence but also to never losing sight of the child as a whole person.

I would like to thank parents and the Governing body for their support and can assure them that we will not be resting on our laurels - this will simply make us even more ambitious for further improvement and success.

Paul Howard, the school’s ‘Improvement Partner’ added his congratulations on the percentage improvements made.

Chris Hornby

Head Teacher

Summer Term 2013


Summer Newspaper


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Prom 2013


This year's Leavers' Prom took place on Friday 28th June at the Last Drop Village Hotel in Bolton. Here are some of the fantastic photos from this year 's event.

July School Newsletter


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Mummy Challenge!


On Friday the 28th June the challenge was to create a mummy using newspaper, the rules are below:

Create your own Egyptian Mummy
Each form must totally wrap up one of their fellow form members in newspapers. (the mummy could be your form tutor if they are willing and trust you?!)
The newspapers may be secured using sellotape / string/ twine / prit stick.
Once the person has been successfully mummified he/she must be carefully transported from point A to point B.
Points will be awarded to:

  • The form in each house whose mummy is best preserved on arrival
  • The  form in each house whose mummy has the best adornments
  • The form in each house which has the most originally named mummy


IMPORTANT: When transporting your mummy, please pay particular attention to health & safety. Please also ensure you mummy’s airways are clear. We do not want any injured mummies!   Please do not try to remove any organs – embalming is not required!  Protect you mummy from the rain – umbrella handy!

Bury College Taster Day for Year 10 Pupils


On Friday 21st June, the entire Year 10 cohort spent an exciting day at Bury College taking part in a variety of lessons including Hair and Beauty, Construction, Catering, Sport and Leisure, Psychology, Modern Languages and Sciences.  The aim of the day was to give our pupils a taste of what college life will be like and all of our students selected from a menu of subjects that they are giving consideration to studying in future.  It was a brilliant day and many of the college staff commented on the excellent behaviour and engagement of Prestwich pupils.  Many thanks to Susanna Flood and David Woodman at Bury College who worked very hard on our behalf to deliver a fantastic day!


Friday Paper Challenge


For Friday the 21st's challenge was, using one A4 sheet of paper and a pair of scissors, was to pass two average sized(not tiny!) people through the sheet of paper (both at the same time). No other materials are allowed.

There must be no joins in your paper!

Here are the results of Friday’s challenge.

L1, 2, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9
All completed the challenge successfully.

Mr Rawcliffe – I know that you were all very excited that you could fit the whole of your form in but on closer inspection it was made up of lots of strips joined together?!!

Mr Baidoo took the challenge to a new dimension by demonstrating how he could do the same trick with a single playing card!! (I presume he has a deck of cards with one card missing now!)

Well done to all.


School Prom 2013


This year's School Prom will be held at The Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa on Friday 28th June 2013 at 7:00pm. To view to the menu click here.

Prestwich Has Talent 2013


After 30 auditions we have selected 13 finalists who will be performing for our judges on the 10th July 2013 in The Paragon. We would like to invite you to come along and see the talent Prestwich Arts College has to offer.

Our Judges will be DJ DirtKlod, Alison Ramsey, and our special guest judge Mike Ward from The Voice.

For tickets contact the box office on 0161 772 4426
Tickets are £2 Concessions £4 Adults.
All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Paper Airplane Challenge!


On Friday the 14th of June the pupils challenge was to design two paper airplanes. One would eb to see which form's plane could fly the furthest distance, the other was to stay in the air as long as possible. The puils were only allowed to use paper, plus a paper clip, three inches of tape, a dab of glue, and three staples if they wanted. Here are the full set of guidelines.

Here are the judges verdicts.

Build a Giraffe Challenge!


On Friday the 7th of June, pupils took part in the Build a Giraffe Challenge set by Mrs Hunt. Pupils had to construct the tallest 'giraffe' possible, using only newspaper and sticking tape. Here is the challenge and rules.

Here are the results slideshow and judge's comments.


May School Newsletter


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Year 11 Bury School Football Champions 2013


Congratulations to our year 11 football team. On Monday 29th April They were crowned Bury Schools Champions after beating Parrenthorn 2-1 in a thrilling game at Gigg Lane. Goals were scored by Luke Hinchy and Leon Faulkner. The boys showed real strength of character in winning the cup; knocking out both of last years finalists en route to the final.


School announcement of the death of staff member Mrs Maralyn Procter: teacher of mathematics – friend – mentor.


Below is an extract from the assembly shared with our pupils. We would be pleased to hear from any former colleagues or pupils of your experiences or thoughts which we intend to gather together as part of a planned commemoration later in the year.

We often talk about our community at Prestwich and today we come together as a community to share our feelings, our shock and our loss at the death of one our community: Mrs Procter.

It is a testament to how much Mrs Procter loved this school and was committed to it as a professional that she continued her duties as long as she was physically able. Equally, the speed of the progression of her illness has stunned and upset us as friends, colleagues and staff – you will also, in your own ways, be upset particularly those of you who were directly taught by her or were supported as form member or simply experienced her caring, compassionate nature around school.

Mrs Procter originally taught in Ealing in London in the early 1970s coming to Prestwich as a supply teacher on 3rd April 1978. She quickly became a full-time member of the teaching staff thereafter and remained with us ever since. I would ask to you to reflect on that career that was offered to her classes and the wider school community year after year without seeking thanks or reward.

Given the length of her service here there will be a large number of parents, former students and former colleagues who will wish to reflect on the thoughts and sentiments of our closing prayer today.

I want to teach my students how--
To live this life on earth,
To face its struggles and its strife
And to improve their worth.

Not just the lesson in a book,
Or how the rivers flow,
But to choose the proper path,
Wherever they may go.

To understand eternal truth,
And know right from wrong,
And gather all the beauty of
A flower and a song,

For if I help the world to grow
In wisdom and grace,
Then I feel that I have won
And I have filled my place.

And so I ask your guidance, God
That I may do my part,
For character and confidence
And happiness of heart.

Mrs Procter committed her life to this school, to you and to generations like you. She remained true to the principles reflected in the prayer.

A school is more than its buildings – its curriculum – its organisation. We are very proud of our Prestwich and that Mrs Procter chose to add her story to the school’s and that story continues… God bless.

Spring Term 2013


Easter Newsletter


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Justin Moorehouse visits for Comic Refief


Comedian Justin Moorehouse came to Prestwich Arts College to give 250 pupils a comedy masterclass, which included performing a Harlem Shake, ahead of Comic Relief. To see the full story in the Manchester Evening News please click here

Mr Barlow's Retirement


Long serving headteacher Mr Barlow will be stepping down after 11 years. To see the article from the Prestwich and Whitefield Guide click the image above or here

Young Enterprise Spring Trade Fair at the Trafford Centre in the Great Hall


11 of our Year 10 students attended the Trafford Centre on Friday 1st March as part of the Young Enterprise Programme cuurently running in school and lead by Mrs Waters.  Pupils sold hand-made mugs and candles as well as stationery to members of the public.  All pupils conducted themselves in a professional manner and gained many employability skills by taking part in the experience.  I was extremely proud of all their efforts on the day and a big congratulations definitely goes to Diana Omar who out-sold her colleagues, she truely is a born saleswoman, well done everyone. 


Art Exhibition at Bury Town Hall


Prestwich Arts College are proud to be displaying a selection of art work upstairs in the ‘People’s Place’ Gallery at Bury Town Hall. A cross section of work was selected from across the years to represent the diversity of the projects and the talent of our students.

The Peace Poster Competition, set by Lions International has become an annual event in the diary of the Art Department at Prestwich for year 7’s. It always generates a thoughtful high standard of work.

After studying the human form and a variety of different artists who use the human form in their work, year 8 Students used Jean Michel Basquiat and Alberto Giacometti  to paint their own skeleton picture and make a self-portrait in the style of Giacometti using collage, drawing and painting techniques.

The art department were approached by the Samaritans in Manchester to produce some work that could be used to advertise what the Samaritans do as an organisation. Year 9 Students made these inspiring ceramic tiles in the style of the American artist Jim Dine.

Internationally renowned Manchester based artist, Mark Kennedy worked with year 10 students to create Keith Haring inspired mosaics. Mark was an exciting character that channelled enthusiasm and creativity in the students, which is evident in the work they produced.

The work will be displayed for the month of March and will come down mid-April.